Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reason #7 Why I Live In Arizona

This is where I spend my Sunday afternoons:
South Mountain is the biggest city park in the United States.  It's smack dab in the center of the valley, and where I go hiking you can see downtown, the Superstition mountains to the east, and the whole south and southwest parts of the valley clear to Buckeye.  
Today was clear enough to see Four Peaks in the distance.

I didn't notice the smoke coming from downtown until I uploaded this picture.  

The interior of the park.  Some of the best mountain biking in the country.

Another shot of Four Peaks, just cause I can. And because I love it, and the brewery named after it.  Really could stand a Kiltlifter right about now.  

Aaand finally, a shameless plug for my super cute and super tired hiking companion, Sunny.  She's four months old and needs a home.  Preferably with a yard.  And lots of attention.

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  1. The puppy picture was quite a sucker punch at the end. Points for great taste in beer. I think Four Peak's Kiltlifter is my second only to Delirium Tremens in my list of best beers in the world. I would include Lambic Peche in there, but (while delicious) its fruity flavor makes it hard to truly consider on par with other beers.