Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Like Lists

Ways in Which I Wish My Life Were More Structured:
1. I wish I had an actual weekend. Not the kind where I have to sometimes work on Saturdays, but only when marketing wants us to do a liquid nitrogen demo at the Ostrich Festival; or where it's a last minute accidental weekend because it's raining, but I still have to call my boss and tell her it's raining and discuss rescheduling, and it stresses me out more because then I just have more crap to do. I wish I had the kind of weekends where I could, like, plan stuff. Or sleep in. Today I actually contemplated officially joining some religion so I could practice a Sabbath.
2. I wish I got 7+ hours of sleep every night. But sometimes I start work at five-thirty in the morning, and other times I start work at five-thirty at night. My circadian rhythms are f&%$ed.
3. I wish I could go hiking 4 days a week. Lately it's been only one or two. I wish this was scheduled. I wish I could go in to my work's Google Calendar and block off two hours from 7-9 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and write HILARY NOT AVAILABLE, BUSY PREVENTING HEART DISEASE. Alas, this doesn't fly in nonprofit work. Which seems really weird to me.
4. I wish I could stick to my budget. Specifically, I wish I had stuck to a budget for the last five years and now had a savings account that I could drop on vacations and car repairs. Or maybe a house.
5. I wish I made the time to write for an hour or two every day.
6. That's pretty much it, but while I'm wishing, I wish I lived in Norway and had six weeks of paid vacation. And that Norway looked like Arizona.

Ways in Which I Wish My Life Were Less Structured:
1. I wish I had some screwdriver buddies. These are the guys you would never ever even think of calling if your car broke down on the highway at one a.m., but you always think of calling them when it's Friday and you just found a bottle of tequila hiding in the back of your freezer. These are the kids with at least one MIP, a pickup truck, and no filter on their offensive-joke thought-to-mouth pathway.
2. I wish I could randomly find myself with three-hour chunks of nothing to do except sit at home and read the new Robert Jordan (which, incidentally, since he's dead, was written by someone else, who happens to be a better writer (don't kill me!!) and managed to write an entire book while eschewing the word "cleavage").
3. I wish my job were a lot more like college classes where it didn't really matter if you showed up every single time as long as you, you know, got your shit done.
4. I wish I didn't have a dress code. As sexy as khakis and a polo are, it's frustrating when I show up in civvies at work parties and people don't recognize me.

Hmm, that list was shorter than I thought it would be.

Ways in Which My Life is Totally More Awesome Than it Was at This Time Last Year:
2. I stopped lying to myself and finally dyed my hair so that I'm not grey at 23. I had at least five of my ex-boyfriends tell me how awesome I'd look with grey hair, but I don't feel very awesome with grey hair, and anyway, you're exes. That means you're automatically idiots. I look more awesome with pretty shiny brown hair. (Thanks, Meg)
3. My apartment is all mine. (Roomies, I loved you, but I love you more from my one-bedroom apartment.)
4. I can now recognize the symptoms of myself under stress and put a stop to it before I turn back into a raging selfish crying tense pile of bitch.
5. Peter and I are speaking.
6. My new awesome INFJ best friend, K.R., who, like, gets it.

Things That Still Kind of Suck:
1. I still haven't been published
2. Dwyer is in Mongolia.
3. I still trip over everything.

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