Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Step-by-Step Guide to De-Stressing, Part III

47.  Wake up and realize you have to go home.
48.  Feel your lungs tighten into a giant knot.
49.  Enjoy the musical sounds of a puking cat.
50.  Make crepes for Terribly Clever Friend and Neuroscientist Husband.
51.  Pack.
52.  Stop by Neuroscientist Husband's work to drop off keys to their apartment and become overwhelmed by the magnitude of how awesome his research is, because his lab is a) overlooking the bluffs right next to Torrey Pines, b) researching really cool stuff you can barely understand even though you have a college degree, c) one of the most beautifully symmetrical buildings you've ever seen, d) hosting a Chihuly exhibit.
53.  Take Neuroscientist Husband's suggestion and walk down to the bluffs area, where you stand and stare at the ocean for nearly half an hour before conceding to the fact that you may have to go home and feed your cat.
54.  Drive six hours back home and feel tension slowly creep back into your neck muscles with every mile.
55.  Spend two days at home/work and then take a redeye flight to your hometown near Buffalo via Atlanta.
56.  Feel the knot in your chest loosen immediately after takeoff.
57.  Realize that it's about to be your birthday, that you have way too many grey hairs considering you've got six years left until thirty, you sure as sh*t needed a vacation, and maybe it's time to do a little reprioritizing--like, maybe, putting yourself first.
58.  Watch sun create a color spectrum against the night sky as it comes up and wonder why you ever worry about anything.

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