Monday, June 7, 2010

Step One Towards Complaining Less

Things that I really enjoyed today:
-I had a pretty smart student, who at first came off as defensive, and a troublemaker, become really really engaged in my outreach because I took the time to pay attention to him and answer his questions.  He even offered to help me clean up after the class was over!
-My coworker TBel came back from a vacation and we sat down and talked for a while; turns out he had been saving up that thing to talk to me about because he wanted to hear what I would say.  Me.  Specifically.
-I changed my sheets, which is Harry's favorite game ever: he likes to crawl under the fitted sheet and get trapped there while I make the bed and then find his way out.  I think it's so funny.
-I couldn't decide whether I wanted a sub or sushi for lunch today.  So I got both. 
-I got to talk to my brother, and he wanted to talk to me about the things that were bothering me in depth, and he made me laugh so hard I cried at least twice. 
-I found a blog I LOVE, and had enough time to go through the archives and read all of the posts (  I think this woman's child is a Zen master.
-It hit 108 today.  I totally was not prepared, because May was so nice.  But this weekend was the first weekend it's been over 105 this year, which is amazing; and also that means that summer is officially here.  And who doesn't like summer?
-I'm reading Anna Karenina simply because apparently one should read Anna Karenina, but to my delight, it has turned out to be a totally engaging and enjoyable read. 

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  1. Such a great blog! I'm so glad I found you! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I love that you got both sushi and the sub. I would have done the same thing :) I can relate to the "How Many Rejection Letters..." I'll be back!!