Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking Suggestions and Gold Stars

     I'm only into, like, week three of my Quest to do one new thing almost every day, and I'm getting stuck. I blame this partly on my shin splints, because now I can't just chart a new place to run three times a week and give myself a corresponding gold star on the Quest Progress Chart. I blame it partly on the fact that these things organize themselves into categories like "new restaurants" and "new books" and "new movies" and that the categories themselves start to get old.
    But I blame this mostly on my friend-drought.

    I was pondering new restaurants to try out and realized that most of the ones I could think of were restaurants I had planned to try with a friend at some point, and never did.
    Then I thought about just how many things I have planned to do with new people in my life that we somehow never got around to, and the longer I thought about it, the more horrified I was.  I'm a person who likes to follow through on plans, and a lot of the time I do insist on completing those vague "hey, we should totally..."s.  But despite that, it's like I have a whole lifetime I never lived of the things that I intended to do with a brand new person.
Most of the new things I have intended to do were brought up because I had met someone new and we had to go through that whole "meshing-your-view-of-the-universe-with-my-view-of-the-universe" thing, which I think is the main reason meeting new people is so exciting. Meeting new people is like someone turning your house 180 degrees and then you realize just how gloomy the willow tree looked outside your living room window, and how much nicer it looks from your kitchen sink with the extra ten feet of space between it and the house. Meeting new people is not only interesting because you get to learn about someone totally different, but because you realize that they see you differently than everyone else does, too, and you also get to learn about that.
  And let's not lie:  everyone thinks their own person is the most fascinating object in existence.  I'm okay with that.  I think it's true for everyone.  I think it's the only thing you can ever hope to understand completely, but it's also a neverending Quest to attempt to do so.  And I like Quests.  They come with gold star sticker charts.

Anyway, for my own amusement, here follows an Abbreviated List of All the Things I Was Supposed to Do With Various People I Don't Really Talk To Anymore, and Never Actually Did:
--try out steak places in Phoenix until we found the valley's best steak (I should still do this)
--go back up to Sedona and check out the sushi place that's closed from 1 to 7 and is next to a tattoo parlor where all the cabinets are shaped like coffins
--open a bar in Australia
--climb Machu Picchu on New Year's Eve
--take a weekend trip to Mexico
--plan and save for a trip to India
--snowmobile up Grand Teton to a natural hot water spring and go swimming in January
--road trip up to the Pacific Northwest and/or possibly Alaska
--Hike the waterfall trail at White Tank
--Hike the Superstition trail
--get together and co-write some songs
--take horseback-riding lessons (still really want to do this)
--go hanggliding

Granted, most of these were rather long-term or expensive undertakings, but still.  Isn't my alter-existence exciting?

Any offerings as tasks on my Quest for Newness will be greatly appreciated; all the more so if they can be completed here in the Valley of the Sun.

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