Friday, July 23, 2010

What Form Rejection Means to Me

1.  Dwyer better get the hell back from his stint in Mongolia and set up a handle of Jack Daniel's on my patio table
2.  Must...keep...writing....  Not...sure...why....
3.  There IS a real world, and high school DID prepare me for it
4.  There has to be an alternate tactic to increasing my self-satisfaction in proportion to the number of rejection letters in my file.  JD is probably not it. 
5.  JD makes me a real writer, though, right?
6.  Seriously, why am I doing this?  What is this sh*t?  What am I even TALKING about?!
7.  We need more heroines like Cher from Clueless.  I'm sick of this whole insecure snarky tomboy shindig.  What happened to the pretty girls?
8.  I know! I'll write a new story!  They'll have to want that one!
9.  Cher from Clueless + one of Neptune's moons + my literary talent =
10.  F*ck.
12.  If I start drinking JD by myself, then I'm definitely a real writer.  Right?  Right?

In Honor of The Rejectionist's Blogiversary


  1. Solo JD=totes your ticket to success. Hee hee!

  2. JD makes me sleepy. If you can write and drink at the same time I'm in awe.

    And I agree, high school was good prep.