Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Literary Crushes

There being a fairly serious male babe drought here in Arizona, since Steve Nash is relatively inaccessible to 24-year old writerly types who can't even afford (nor desire) televised access to Suns games, much less season tickets, I thought I would compile a list of my all-time biggest fictional crushes.

Also, it's Sunday afternoon, and I have two hours to kill before my run.


1.  Gregory House
    I know he's not from a book, but he's based on Sherlock Holmes, and he's fictional, and I'm insanely in love with him.  And yes, I can differentiate between Hugh Laurie and Greg House, and I'm in love with Greg House.  As I've already clearly established via my life choices, I am wholly uninterested in a long-term relationship with a sweet, caring man who honestly takes my concerns into consideration, and would pretty much be willing to sell my soul for regular sex with an incisively witty, tortured, gimp genius/ex-drug addict who, deep down, cares far too much for people and can't show it.   The blue eyes and five o'clock shadow don't hurt anything, either, except my heart, which breaks every time I recall that this man is not real.  (And can I send a shout-out to the flame cane?  HOT)

2.  Marcus Didius Falco
     He's funny, he's a genius, he has issues with authority, he solves mysteries, and he wears a toga.  And he knows how to use a knife.
    I'm sensing a pattern, here.

3.  Prince Caspian
     He is the authority, but he earned it by overthrowing a usurping uncle in an epic underdog battle.  He kicked the hell out of some giants and then sailed to the edge of the world on a quest to find his father's lost knights; he got almost to the very edge of the world, but went back in order to fulfill his duty to his country--but he never forgot about his unfinished quest.

4.  Ged
     Has scars: check.  Bad-boy past: check.  Limitless power: check.  Hangs out with dragons: check.  Strong, silent type: check.  Learned to use said limitless power for good after long, drawn-out confrontation with the evil residing in his own soul: check.  I'm in love with him: check.

5. Corlath
    Apparently I've been into Corlath since I was five and my mom read me The Blue Sword for the first time.  He's stubborn and has a nasty temper and could ride a horse before he could walk; mostly he's just sort of kingly and reserved, until someone threatens his country with demons.  Oh, and he can walk through walls.

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  1. Nice choice on Prince Caspian. He is indeed pretty much an enlightened badass. Nerd.