Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now THIS Is a Rejection Letter

Dear Everyone With the Ability to Reject Potential Graduate Students,

Subject: [Name of School] Admission Decision  (See?  Nice and neutral. Doesn't slam me with rejection in the subject line, so I can procrastinate about opening it if I want to.)

Dear Hilary (personalized and friendly),
Thank you so much for your application for a [redacted] Fellowship (starts with a thank you, which is good because I did PAY to apply to these programs). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a place in the program. However, we wanted to let you know that your application was read with great care and appreciation. It is through the vibrancy and commitment of work like yours that the program is able to depend on an applicant pool of immense talent. Every year, after reading the submissions, all of us wish we had more fellowships to offer (Even though this is not directed specifically at me, it makes me feel better about being disappointed, and it is clearly a true statement).
While you may not have achieved your desired outcome in this instance, we suspect that you will be successful on many future occasions in other circumstances. Furthermore, the fact that we are unable to award you a fellowship this year should not be taken as a prohibition of your reapplying, as we look forward to following your growth as a writer (encouragement to keep working and reapply). 
We want to thank you for your interest in the [Redacted] Creative Writing Program, and offer you our best wishes for your future work (another thank you, and support for continuing the effort. I actually feel motivated after reading this rejection letter).

-[Redacted}University Creative Writing Program


  1. I got the same email today. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up, apply apply apply!

  2. I'm sorry :( Isn't it a nice one, as they go, though? You too! And good luck!

  3. It's kind of uncanny to know this is a templated email. Just when I thought this guy had manners.

  4. I got the same one.